44th Balloon Sculpture, Fabulous Two Toned Top Hat


I have to admit, I tried following Mr. Fudge’s top hat design and I just didn’t do well with it. I also preferred the two-tone look but wasn’t sure how to achieve that. Mr. Fudge’s top hat was just one color. His top hat was more for St Patrick’s Day and has a cute leprechaun theme with hair too. I know a lot of my problem stems from the fact that I wasn’t measuring consistently enough with my bubbles and twists to follow Mr. Fudge properly.

Andre Nolle has a hat design I just like to work with better and he has the two-tone look which I love, love, love! He is also more sensitive to his audience and goes at a better pace and his camera is closer to the action. Mr. Fudge is awesome but is a little too, time is money, fast on his videos.

( Mr. Fudge’s professionalism betrays his recording situation. He was not able to edit and had to do things in one shot.
What seemed to me as insensitive video style was in fact just a consequence of recording limitation.

Funny how as a viewer of these videos we can fail to imagine and appreciate, the behind the scenes, difficulties. Also brings to the fore how often one makes hasty assumptions and how often those assumptions make one an ass, lol.)

I did tweak the way the brim was done and put a flower on the hat, other than that I stayed true to his design and or method.

Andre seems more of the artsy fartsy sensitive artist type. He comes across more introverted than Felix Yoldi but they are both artistes! There is such care in their twisting, you can tell they put their heart into it and even treat their balloons nicer, I know that might sound strange, but I notice a loving gentleness there.

Here is my balloon top hat thanks to Andre. I didn’t make the brim even enough, I should have evened out the bubbles too but overall I am very happy with it and it feels so good to come through and actually fruitfully tackle this thing,lol. When it got to my husband’s photo of him wearing it, I evened out the bubbles better and the twists on the brim,lol.

Link to Andre’s hat tutorial video= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgWXY5vDNIQ

Below is my replication.


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