The Greatest Balloon Hero of All


I watched a documentary called Balloonhat the other day, with and thanks to my B.F.F. Lisa who told me about it, and man did it have everything for me! A balloon sculptor, Addi Somekh, and a photographer, Charlie Eckert, go around the world and give balloon hats to people. It makes everyone smile. It shows how we are all connected by our light-hearted joy and inner child and how people are people are people!

It isn’t just amazing balloon art that he makes but is art with a purpose. It has so much soul. The project has so much soul. That’s the kind of art I want to make, something meaningful and purposeful with soul. The balloon hats are made from the heart and are beautiful.

They go to Israel and the West Bank, they go to Sarajevo and Belgrade, just to name a few. All embrace the balloon hats. It is a beautiful film and is everything I stand for and am passionate about, balloon art, love for diversity and connectedness and empathy, having a peter pan complex and being self-aware.

Addi, the balloon sculptor is very self-aware and even owns up and just shares who he is, flaws and all. His self-awareness is awesome. I relate to him sooo much, right down to the absent-mindedness,lol. As a person with connectedness and empathy talents and a passion and love for balloon sculpting, this felt like something tailor-made for me.

He even knows what mandalas are?!?!?! I paint mandala tote bags and purses and it is so hard to find people who even know what that is! He rolls unblown balloons into mandalas, that just blew me away! My friend Lisa loved it every bit as much as I do and she doesn’t make balloons, so you don’t even have to be a balloon artist to appreciate it at all.

“As BALLOONHAT travels through different countries, it reveals not only the travails of a grassroots art project, but also America’s changing status on the world stage. Each new culture’s embrace of their balloon art—from Rio’s beaches to the rubble of Sarajevo—stands in stark contrast to the narrowed world view Addi and Charlie find upon their return as they seek an outlet to spread the beauty of their project, and instead are forced to confront the realities of a post-millennial America.

quoting from this source

 Here is a site highlighting the pictures taken.
 Here is where you can listen to their story on NPR.
(Addi Somekh on the Left, Charlie Eckert on the Right)

I believe in this movement sooo much and would love to be a part of it. Addi- you are my greatest balloon hero! There are artists you admire purely for their work, and then there are artists you respect and admire because of who they are and the soul of their work.

Addi’s artwork is not my all time favorite, I love his art but Michael Gjerek’s balloon artwork is my all time favorite. I want to be like Addi Somekh as far as heart and character and  balloonatarianism and how he looks at art.If I had to choose one I would choose heart, thereby making Addi- Greatest Balloon Hero of All!


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