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67th Balloon Sculpture, Birthday Cake


Happy Cabbie has an awesome birthday cake instructional video. I loved making this. I used about 17 balloons, if you count even candle and flame.

Here is a link to his video.

Here is my replication below.




66th Balloon Sculpture, Smurf Parody


Andre Nolle has a great instructional of a Smurf parody. Great design, simple and fairly quick.

Link to his video:

Here is my replication. My Smurf is very shiny, you might even say he sparkles. Take that Twilight hunk, lol.


65th Balloon Sculpture, Wicked Scorpion


Felix Yoldi has a most impressive and wow making scorpion design. I LOVED making this. I found it to be an excellent definitely repeatable design. It takes a good amount of balloons, say 15 to 20 at the top of my head. Man is it worth it.

Felix really has fun with his creations and often makes silly light hearted introductions with them. Felix has flair, the world needs more flair and fun loving types if you ask me. Am I prejudiced since I am fun loving as well, yes, yes I am. 🙂

Here is a link to his video.

Below is my replication of his scorpion design. I made the stinger tip red but other than that remained true to the design with the exception that I do not have any 160’s and so only worked with 260 balloons, including the eyes.




64th Balloon Sculpture, Spiffing Up The Butterfly


My sister Debbie visiting for Thanksgiving weekend had an excellent suggestion for spiffing up the Holly Hopper Butterfly design. The blue outline on the orange and pink was her idea and I love it. I will definitely continue to make butterflies this way.


60, 61, 62, and 63rd Balloon Sculptures, Holiday Wall Decor


Well, I had family from out-of-state come for Thanksgiving dinner and so I wanted to make something extra special as far as holiday presentation and decor.

I learned what I consider are poinsettia from Felix Yoldi, wreath from Flower Clown, basket weave from Andre Nolle, and I figured out garland for myself.

I even added a Santa but forgot to put a beard on him. Then again I was operating on little sleep when I made him and everything else and cooking Thanksgiving dinner, lol. It still bothers me to NO END though!

I added some candy canes as well to really finish it off.

It was a huge hit and it gave my house an even bigger, whimsical magical feel to it.






59nth Balloon Sculpture, Turkey Centerpiece.


Okay so really this is a tweaking of the previous turkey design that I learned from watching the awesome Bauldy The Clown. I found that this makes for an excellent centerpiece and tried making it with more life-like colors. I love it!

I used it for myself as a Thanksgiving centerpiece and also sold several to be used as centerpieces by other people. I made my first centerpiece sales this month.

Four were used to decorate tables at an event at the Soldier’s and Sailor’s Memorial Auditorium here in Chattanooga.

Here is the link again to Bauldy’s awesome tutorial that I tweaked.

Here are some pictures of turkey balloon centerpieces in use.




58th Balloon Sculpture, Frog


Again, iancarlo4 has an awesome frog design. Very cute, simple and fun to make.

I added a lower lip to his design as well as tongue.

I actually think next time I should put air in a red 260 but not blow it up, if that makes sense, so that the tongue will have a little bounce and look even cooler.

Iancarlo’s links don’t seem to be up and running at the time but ChiTwister has this same frog design and tutorial for it here=

Below is my replication.