29nth Balloon Sculpture, Adolescent Samurai Turtle


I was surfing YouTube and came across a really well designed, let’s call it, Adolescent Samurai Turtle and felt I had to try it. I am going to fiddle with it a little more as I feel the guy is making the head more complicated than necessary but I could be wrong there.

I found this to be a pretty decent construction design by rouwster1. The head was a bit tricky and I will add to this post later if I was able to find an easier approach.

I did not have brown for shell so I used blush instead. I also did not make arm band. I need to invest in more colors as well as some 160’s which are smaller or thinner I should say twisting balloons. I also made a more simple shell than rouwster1.

(Yes there is an easier way. Just using one larger loop you can put bandana and face around it and save some steps.)

Here is link to tutorial= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOQggvwzhyk

Here is my replication=

(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below. šŸ™‚




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