My first gig, Earthfare.


I had my first experience of ballooning for a crowd at Earthfare yesterday and I had a blast. I was swarmed with kids all talking to me at the same time, anxiously awaiting for their balloon animals and I just have to tell you, I loved every minute of it. I was nonstop for 4 hours straight. Time just flew by. Earthfare has a kids eat free deal every Thursday from 4 until 8 p.m. I arrived at 3:35 to get situated. Earthfare is a super healthy supermarket.

I loved seeing the parents even excited and OOhing and AHHing at the cute balloon creations. I let kids choose between a penguin, motorcycle, flower, mermaid hat, guitar and monkey. I took a little longer than people were used to, but I was also making more complicated and whimsical things than they were used to as well,lol. The more I did it the faster I got as well. Next time I will have certain things prepared to make things go faster, for instance, I can have things premade and in stock for people in a hurry and also I can premake beaks and feet or any kind of small pieces, mermaid clam shell bras comes to mind as well.

I also learned that people felt they had to stay at my table rather than dining and me coming to them because there were so many kids it was hard to keep track of who was next. No one wanted to lose being next. It was hard to keep track of that kind of thing and believe me, people will help you stay on track,lol. They know who is supposed to go next,lol. I wonder if I could have numbers or have alphabet letters and keep track of people that way,lol. That way people could sit or shop and when G’s order comes up I could say, G your penguin is ready,lol. I could also have order papers so I remember who wants what and in what colors.

It was a wonderful experience and people seemed really happy and excited. The OOhing and AHHing was abundant. I had my business cards on the table and several people took one so I am crossing my fingers. Later this month I will have my first birthday party. I am very excited!!!

I realized this really is my calling. I felt energized and wasn’t drained at all. Parents were commenting on how they couldn’t believe what great composure I had with all these kids talking at me at the same time and fidgeting and getting in my things,lol. It didn’t bother me at all. Again, I loved every minute of it. One little girl even told me she loved me in the sweetest way. Something special about making something that makes someone so happy, not a better feeling in the world!

Here is a picture of my table. In the spirit of Halloween I made a Holly Hopper’s designed witch’s broom, pumpkin and bat and an Andrea Nolle’s designed black cat. My table was in shambles in just minutes, the nice neat table you see was hit by a kid tornado and sooo messy in just minutes,lol. Cards were everywhere and balloon display was played with,lol. So funny! Again, I loved everything.

If you would like to share about your first gig- feel free and welcome to do so in a comment below 🙂


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