There is a man by the name of Larry Moss, who is the Leonardo Davinci of balloon sculpting. He refers to balloon sculpting as “airigami”. He has replicated his works as a matter of fact. Just check out this Mona Lisa!

Or how about Whistler’s Mother!

i would love to get to the level where I can just look around me and translate all I see into balloon twists.

I would especially love to get to the point where I could make manifest that which springs from my imagination.

I think it important to have aspirations such as these, and even if I never reach this level, at least I held something in awe everyday.

It will be interesting to see what I will be doing balloon sculpting wise years from now. Will I specialize in certain things? Will I be exceptional in some way? What will I be creating and will it catch someone else’s awe?

Wouldn’t that be dreamy?!

Here is Larry’s Website. I love to just look at his work and just drop my jaw to the floor in amazement!

What are your balloon aspirations?

Feel free to share in a comment below 🙂


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