I took my first steps onto the road of twists Sept 27th evening and made my first sculpture, the classic dog. How I came to even try this was by watching my 4-year-old daughter watch some kiddie program on Netflix where a guy made a lion out of balloons for kids. Being the bubbly, Care Bear hat wearing, Peter Pan Complex on overload, rainbows and warm fuzzies person that I am, I looked at it and heard my inner Liz Lemon say, “I want to go to there!”

I bought some balloons at a craft store, a cheap balloon air pump at the dollar store and made the dog. It felt so RIGHT! It felt like meeting someone new and feeling like you had known that person all your life. I felt right at home with it. It suits my personality, my calling in life to bring sunshine, fun and smiles to the world. Have you ever seen Death To Smoochey? I am like a female Sheldon Mopes. If J.D. from Scrubs and Sheldon Mopes had a love child, I would be that love child, just to give you an idea. I come complete with dream sequences,lol.

(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.  🙂

My first balloon sculpture, the classic dog.

1st Balloon Sculpture, The Classic Dog


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