3rd Balloon Sculpture, The Flower


My friend Jessi who is an amazing crafty, and talk about artsy fartsy, friend came over for a playdate to my house and I had monkeys all ready for her and her daughter. I made a “spider monkey” specifically for her daughter who is crazy about him right now and they just loved it. The butt cheeks were properly appreciated and celebrated!

(Jessi I call Gotha Stewart because she is Ruby Gloom meets Martha Stewart. She is unbelievably amazing and makes awesome crafts and clothes for kids. She has a blog, http://domesticfruitloop.com/.) Check out this dress she made for my daughter!

Any who, Jessi showed me how to make a flower. She also taught me that to make a palm tree I just need to make a larger version of this style flower and put a monkey in it. She had never seen a monkey as glorious as the style I found via Happy Cabbie. This flower design uses two balloons. To turn it into a tree you use 3. Her daughter requested a giraffe but I had not learned how to make that one yet. So you know what will be coming next!!

She said that I was really good and natural at it so that made me feel good. She said that she found balloon sculpting to not be so easy and was impressed with my monkey making. She had me do the twisting and walked me through the steps and supervised me,lol. Finally, I can do SOMETHING that Jessi can’t do,lol. She just leaves me behind in the dust on almost everything,lol. 🙂

(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.  🙂


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