541 Balloon Sculpture, Fox Peeking Out of Grass.


I made this fox gently stepping out of the grass. He isn’t committed to fully coming out yet because he is not yet sure if it is safe. I think I am developing a more pronounced animal style.

Gave this to a guy friend of mine and I was so pleasantly shocked at how much he loved it. I don’t typically think guys are into balloons, especially younger guys, but he really really loved and appreciated it and just thought it was beautiful and had a remarkable sensitivity. I had both sexist and ageist assumptions! Shame on me!

Lesson learned, don’t ever assume!



540th Balloon Sculpture, Flower in a Bubble Bouquet


I am new to balloon bubbles as they are called, the super light and plasitcy round things that feel a lot like seran wrap but are classified as balloons. I was inspired by some work by Romina Finali where she puts balloons inside these bubbles. I am guessing she opened the seal and then resealed it.

I took an iron and some perler bead ironing paper and played around with a balloon bubble I had. I put a few round balloons and also a few twisted flowers. Next time I know to put even more.

I was afraid to inflate it any more than I did and am afraid to inflate these things fully even without trying to do crazy things. These things are just so flimsy feeling, they freak me out and I am too delicate with them, lol.

I have some ideas and things I want to try further with this concept. I will be doing more mad scientist experimentation with this for sure.

Here is my test piece and I gave this to my boss and she loved it! She was totally enchanted with the mystery of twisted balloons inside a bubble balloon.



539th Balloon Sculpture, Oh Deer! Bouquet


I saw a friend post a picture of leggings she got recently and she said something to the effect of, “Of course I had to get Bambi leggings!” That told me right there that she must be a fan of the character.

I decided she would be the person that I randomly give away a balloon to for the week and that I would make a balloon interpretation of the character. Something just tugged on my heart and lead me that way.

I contacted her husband and set up a plan for delivery that would let me know where to go and surprise her with it. She was completely surprised when I knocked on her door and delivered it!

She loved it and took pics of herself in the Bambi leggings with it, lol.

The body I took inspiration from Masayoshi Matsumoto on his deer design that stands up. I altered the pose and put my own “twist” on it.

The head is my original and I think I am the first person to translate in balloons this iconic scene where Bambi looks over at the butterfly on his tail.

Hope you like it, that it brightens your day and inspires you!

Happy Twisting!








538th Balloon Sculpture, Willy Wonka


I wanted to stretch myself some and so I did some balloon face distortion and came up with this Willy Wonka as a result. I was humming the song he sings about imagination…

“Come with me and you’ll be
In a world of pure imagination
Take a look and you’ll see
Into your imagination”

….and this is where my imagination took me as result.

I love Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka. I love his Mad Hatter like eccentric quality and the whimsical charm.

Boy it sure was hot and humid when I constructed him, and when I took pictures of him the balloons became chalky immediately. He didn’t withstand the weather well so I wasn’t able to give him away unfortunately.



537th Balloon Sculpture, Raccoon in a Stump Bouquet



I came up with this raccoon bouquet today and am super proud of it.

I am going to randomly give it out to someone today. 🙂

It is “popping” out of a stump and attempting to win someone over with a rose.

Hope you like it and that it brings some joy in your day!



536th Balloon Sculpture, Peacock and Callas Lily Bouquet


I have always wanted to make a peacock. I made the tail feathers differently than anyone else has, at least to my knowledge, and also made the tail feathers folded down also to be different. I also figured out how to make Callas Lily’s in a different way. I made this piece for myself to enjoy and also for my guests to enjoy.

I feel like I am on the verge of something with the wing design I am playing around with. I need to play around with it some more but I have some ideas I want to implement and came across something interesting when making the wing for this.

Hope you like it and that it brings you some joy!





535th Balloon Sculpture, Tigger’s Got A Brand New Head


I made a brand new head as when I drove it to work to give and surprise my boss with it, the hot car ride was very unkind to the head. She still loved it but I wanted it to be perfect for her.

This time I secured things much more solidly and did head replacement surgery. I think the second head looks more Tiggerific than the first one!

What do you think, which head do you like better, see previous post, 534th Balloon Sculpture for 1st rendition to compare.